Eliminate Chronic Pain with
Self Myofascial Release

Do You Suffer from Aches & Pains, Stiffness & Stress? What If You Could Alleviate Those Symptoms While Improving Mobility and Slowing the Aging Process… in Only Minutes Per Day?

What is Self Myofascial Release (SMR)?

SMR is a 10-to-20-minute-a-day self care tool that helps you get out of and stay out of pain, prevent compensations which lead to injury, down regulate the nervous system and decompress the low back and neck.

MELT Method® Class

Neck Release

Shannon Willits demonstrating MELT Method technique

SMR is a simple self-treatment technique that decreases stiffness to the connective tissue, reduces inflammation, and reduces stress to the nervous system and aids in cellular repair.

Self Myofascial Release is not:

  • a workout
  • painful
  • foam rolling
  • muscle release

You’ll learn how to address accumulated stress and restore the natural balance of the body while restoring the body’s ability to function painlessly with ease and fluidity.

During a Restore SMR workshop, you’ll learn more about the untapped system in the body called the “connective tissue system” that helps support, protect, and stabilize every aspect of your body… 

When we experience stiffness in the connective tissue, because of the high concentration of nerve endings contained within it, we experience chronic pain.

“The passion that drives me is transforming the lives of my clients”Shannon Willits

Meet Shannon

Shannon Willits is a 20-year veteran in the fitness industry who has helped thousands of people achieve their health and fitness goals. With two decades of research, education and practice the highest levels, Shannon has successfully integrated multiple disciplines, including The MELT Method, ZENGA, Relief Through Rolling (RTR), STOTT PILATES®, and Applied Functional Science® (and many more) into an easy to approach, commonsense practice.

What Clients Are Saying…


“While intermingling the breathwork with a light hearted and fun wit, her classes fly by and I leave renewed, centered and well toned.”

Dr. Jessica Lipham, ND, DOM

Judy Guzzi

“She saved my life. I love Shannon. She’s a remarkably talented, creative girl. I put my life in her hands and she heals me.”

Judy Guzzi

Roxanne Roberts, MD

“I’m slowly getting my strength and my life back… I don’t have any pain in my hips… my pain is a lot less with my shoulders and I have more range motion.”

Roxanne Roberts, MD

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