Applied Functional Science®

What is Applied Functional Science®?

Applied Functional Science® (AFS) is an approach to movement developed by Dr. Gary Gray, founder of the Gray Institute®. AFS is based on scientific truth – not theory – that strategically links to the most effective and efficient techniques for the individual. AFS influences and enhances the entire Movement Industry – performance / training and conditioning, prevention, and rehabilitation.

AFS is the convergence of sciences that allows for purposeful movement. The convergence of Physical Sciences (the world we life in), Biological Sciences (the miracle of the human body), and Behavioral Sciences (the power of the mind and spirit) is the DNA of AFS. For the Physical Sciences, the truths of Environment, Gravity, Ground Reaction Force, Mass, and Momentum are considered and leveraged. For the Biological Sciences, the truths of Motion, Reaction, Proprioceptors, Muscles, Joints, Task, Specificity, and Mobility / Stability are considered and leveraged. For the Behavioral Sciences, the truths of Success, Encouragement, Locus of Control, Empowerment, Relevance, and Significance are considered and leveraged.

The above truths are the foundation and the starting point to AFS’s Principle-Strategy-Technique Process. Principles are the why of movement. Strategies are the how of movement. Techniques are thewhat of movement. AFS is the answer to these questions so that the best, most effective and efficient movements can be applied to any and all individuals based on specific needs, wants, and goals.


Shannon Willits

As a fellow of Applied Functional Science® (FAFS), Shannon has undergone intense training and demonstrated mastery of the Principle-Strategy-Technique Process.

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