Whether you want to teach Pilates or become masterful in your practice of Pilates I invite you to look at the Club Pilates proprietary 500-hour Comprehensive Pilates education program. The program is a great mix of blended education, including in-person training, independent study, as well as online learning, whether deepening your practice in the pursuit of mastery or pursuing a career in Pilates, Shannon tailors the learning environment to achieve each student’s goals.

Shannon Willits shares her journey to Mastery in Pilates in this six part video series below on the page. Learn the 6 steps to developing mastery and how the Teacher Training program may be a great fit for you in developing yourself as a master.

Introduction To Mastery with Shannon Willits

Step 1 – Discover Your Calling

Step 2 – Undergo Your Apprenticeships

Step 3 – Accept Training from a Mentor

Step 4 – Develop Social Intelligence

Step 5 – Expand Your Knowledge Beyond Your Field

Step 6 – Fuse and Alchemize the Intuitive with the Technical