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Shannon Willits: MELT Method® Instructor in Sarasota, Florida

Shannon Willits: MELT Method® Instructor in Sarasota, Florida

Shannon Willits – FAFS®, STOTT PILATES®, The MELT Method®

I have personally experienced the benefits of The MELT Method along with functional, core-based movement to overcome my own overuse injuries. It is through my experience that I share with my clients the knowledge that with hydrated and toned connective tissue and correct movement you can achieve results of a strong, fluid, balanced body that is pain-free and moves with ease.

I’m certified through the advanced levels with STOTT PILATES®, achieved a fellowship in Applied Functional Science® with the Gray Institute, am a certified MELT Method® instructor, and earned my degree in business from USF. I share all of these movement methods with clients in my Sarasota, Florida studio.

Shannon Willits - Demonstrating MELT MethodWith over two decades of research, education and practice at the highest levels, I have integrated these disciplines into an easy to approach, commonsense practice. I’ve lived in Sarasota, FL since 1982 and have been in fitness for over 20 years and through MELT, pilates and functional movement I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their health and fitness goals.

I am certified to work with injuries and special populations (pregnancy, osteoporosis, joint replacement, etc). I’ve completed the Pilates for Golf and Racquet Sports certification from Merrithew Health and Fitness and I am also certified by The Pilates for Golf program, which was co-developed by master golf teacher Butch Harmon. I am certified by BOSU Balance Trainer and TRX Suspension Training system. I use all of these tools to create training and programming for all levels of clients. My clientele range from men and women of all ages, aspiring athletes, recreational athletes, professional athletes, physicians, physical therapists and massage therapists.

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